Our resource management plugin in the open platform Security Center by Genetec is designed to optimize the use of spaces such as meeting rooms, coworking spaces, etc.

    Resource Reservation: Allows users to reserve meeting rooms directly from a web interface, facilitating meeting planning and organization.

    Integrated Calendar: Integrates an interactive calendar displaying room availability, enabling users to quickly view available time slots and schedule their meetings accordingly.

    Automatic Notifications: Sends automatic notifications to users to confirm reservations, providing reminders and details about the reserved rooms, such as their QR code for room access.
    Integration with Microsoft 365 (option) simplifies meeting planning without changing business interface

    Permission Management: Integrates permission management features to define who can reserve which rooms, ensuring efficient resource utilization and increased security.

    Integration with Security Systems: Seamlessly connects to Genetec security systems to ensure that access to meeting rooms is secure and compliant with company policies.

    Customization of Settings: Offers customization options to tailor the plugin to the specific needs of the organization, including the ability to set reservation rules (Office Mode), room types (Maximum number of visitors), etc.

    In summary, our resource management plugin in Security Center facilitates the reservation, scheduling, and optimization of spaces such as meeting rooms, contributing to more efficient resource utilization and simplified management within the company.


Technical diagram


Plugin configuration
    In Config Tool, the RESOURCE MANAGEMENT plugin provides the following features:
  • Connection port setting with the plugin's REST API
  • 'Super Administrator' account settings for configuring access
  • Resource settings : Outlook resource, number of attendees, office mode, public/private resource, parent/child (multi-resource management)
  • SMTP account setting for email sending
  • Web access link setting for emails

Operational use
    Integrating your resources into the RESOURCE MANAGEMENT plugin allows you to take advantage of the unification offered by the Security Center platform:

    For administrators

  • Create users
  • Configure slots with various options: Office Mode, number of participants, non-reservable, recurrence and guest list (email)

    For users

  • List and reservation of available slots
  • Reservation request with a approval process
  • Access email to resources (QR Code)

    Microsoft 365

    Our plugin provides seamless integration with Microsoft 365 tools, including:

  • Outlook (Desktop, Web, and Mobile): Book and manage rooms directly from your Outlook calendar, without leaving your usual work environment.
  • Microsoft Teams: Schedule meetings and reserve meeting spaces through the Teams interface, making it easy to coordinate and manage team meetings.
  • This integration simplifies planning and optimizes the use of meeting spaces, while centralizing management tools in the Microsoft platforms you already use every day.
Features and Benefits
Type of installation Plugin
Resource Reservation Room reservations via an intuitive web interface or through Microsoft 365
Integrated Calendar Interactive calendar with room availability and optional integration with Microsoft 365.
Automatic Notifications Automatic confirmations and reminders with details and QR code for access.
Customizing Settings Adaptation to specific needs with management of reservation rules, room types, validation of requests, number of participants, office mode, etc.
Microsoft 365 integration Reservation and management of rooms via Outlook (Desktop, Web, Mobile) and Microsoft Teams.