CopperAccess Plugin

    As physical security and visitor management solutions become more and more critical, especially for sensitive sites and critical infrastructure, so does the need for mobility in access control systems. Coppernic provides mobile access control devices and connectivity solutions to address a number of critical use cases.

    Our CopperAccess software suite provides a ‘kickstart’ approach to quickly and easily integrate our mobile devices into your existing access control system to get you started. A rapid deployment with offline capability is a quick and easy first step, or direct integration into Security Center plateform of Genetec provides real-time, seamless functionality.

    To address the 'offline' mode, the 'CopperAccess' plugin developed by 'Addonxpert' enables the automatic or manual export of access control data essential for the operation of the CopperAccess solution, meeting the needs of field operators.


Technical diagram


Plugin configuration
    In Config Tool, the CopperAccess plugin provides the following features:
  • Configuration of FTP servers (SFTP or FTPS)
  • Configuration of CopperAccess exports
  • Configuration of custom fields to save 'Gathering Zone' and 'Department' settings
  • Selection of a sector for exports
  • Selection of alarms for automatic and/or manual management of CopperAccess exports
  • Configuration of periodic exports (daily, weekly, or monthly)

Operational use
    The 'CopperAccess' plugin allows you to leverage the following features:
  • List events from exports (Automatic and/or manual)
  • Export files via a 'Hot Action' event in Security Desk

Features and Benefits
Installation type Plugin
FTP export type FTPS or SFTP
Custom fields management "Mustering" and "Department"
Files management Cardholders, access rules, doors/zones, and photos.
* The "operator" file must be generated manually.