Apstec plugin

    Human Security Radar® (HSR) is a fully automated detection solution real-time threat and people control that introduces and extends the security perimeters without disrupting the flow of people:
  • Extremely high throughput up to 10,000 people per hour
  • Ability to control multiple targets at the same time
  • Exceptional detection accuracy and unmatched false alarm rates
  • IED detection, including without metal components
  • Detection of automatic firearms
  • HSR is a completely automated solution that works in real time. In analyzing data from the inspection area the system is able to locate and track threatening objects. Alerts are presented to responders in the form of an image of the suspect that indicates his identity and specifies where the threatening object is worn on his body.


    In Config Tool, the Apstec plugin provides the ability to configure
  • The name of the HSR terminal
  • The associated custom event
  • The connection to the HSR Apstec solution
  • Associated cameras

Operational use
    In Security Desk, all alarms detected by the HSR Apstec solution are automatically and in real time, sent to Security Center. The Apstec Plugin allows you to receive the following:
  • individual photo in alarm
  • detection types(magnetometry, transmission and reflection)
  • a global view with associated cameras

Features and Benefits
  • Photos of individuals detected with dangerous or suspicious objects
  • The type of detection (magnetometry, transmission and reflection)
  • A global view with associated cameras