Genetec ClearID🅪 is a self-service physical identity and access management system that enhances the flow of individuals within your organization. Unified exclusively with the access control system, Security Center Synergis🅪, this solution automates your organization's security policies while centrally managing access rights for employees, contractors, and visitors.

    The solution offers sophisticated visitor management, simplifying visitor registration and administration. With advanced features, it allows for the issuance of temporary badges and monitoring movements. The solution also provides robust security protocols, including visitor screening with internal watchlists, to ensure effective access control for visitors. In summary, with a user-friendly and intuitive interface, ClearID facilitates visitor flow management, thereby enhancing facility security.

    The integration of Genetec ClearID with Microsoft Outlook improves visitor and access management. It enables sending, modifying, and/or canceling meeting invitations via Outlook, as well as notifications to visitors through ClearID. Furthermore, information about appointments scheduled in Outlook can be synchronized with ClearID to ensure a seamless experience during visitor registration. This synergy between ClearID and Outlook contributes to efficient visitor flow management while optimizing communication processes.


Technical diagram


Operational use
    The integration into the Microsoft Outlook environment allows you to unify ClearID within a single interface without changing your operational processes:
  • Create, modify, and delete visits easily
  • Select sites and sectors associated with your ClearID rights
  • Validate the list of contacts to invite

Features and Benefits
Features Windows/Mac Application Web Application Mobile Application Teams Application
Addin(Web Inteface) Yes No No No
Viste management
Creation Yes No No No
Modification Yes Yes Yes Yes
Deletion Yes Yes Yes Yes
ClearID Rights Synchronization Yes No No No


Creating a ClearID visit in Outlook
Editing an existing ClearID visit in Outlook