Uhlmann & Zacher plugin

    To secure your buildings with access control using U&Z electronic locks, we offer you a centralised online solution optimised for IP PoE and without wiring.

    The Uhlmann & Zacher plugin is implemented using Genetec’s open RIO protocol and is based on Genetec’s Security Center platform. The user-friendly web interface allows for easy and flexible configuration of your site operations.

    This Uhlmann & Zacher integration benefits from all the access control technologies of the Genetec Synergis module (events, Event-To-Action, access rules, calendars, etc.).


Technical diagram


Plugin configuration
    The configuration of the Uhlmann & Zacher integration by its web page and Config Tool offers the following features:
  • Communication with IP/PoE HUBS (Radio and Bluetooth BLE)
  • Unlimited lock and lever handle management
  • Management RFID technologies
  • Management of users and credentials
  • Management of openings and closings by calendar
  • Management of the “Office” mode

Operational use
    The UZ integration leverages the unification offered by the Genetec Security Center platform:
  • Real-time event tracking
  • Event-action mechanisms
  • Remote unlock (manual or calendar-based)
  • Unification of video protection
  • Door layout on the map

Features and Benefits
Genetec SDK
Genetec SDK*
Real-time events Yes Yes
Event-action mechanisms Yes Yes
Remote opening/closing Yes Yes
Open/close on calendar - Yes
Battery failure - Yes
Office mode - Yes
Emergency card management - Yes
RFID Technology MIFARE® (Classic, DesFire EV1 & EV2), LEGIC®** et EM/HITAG** MIFARE® (Classic, DesFire EV1 & EV2), LEGIC®** et EM/HITAG**
RFID Mobile Technology STid Mobile ID STid Mobile ID
* Genetec GSC-1SDK-ADDONXPERT-UZLOCKS license is required to use additional features.
** integration on demand.