InviThings plugin

    Invissys develops and produces intrusion detection solutions to increase site security, whatever their configuration.
    The InviThings solution is based on LoRaWAN open transmission technology for a solution freed from cables and other work.
    The InviThings Plugin in Security Center supervises all intrusion detectors such as DiFence through the LoRaWAN InviThings NC concentrator, with the following features:
  • Monitoring of sensors,
  • Grouping of sensors by zone,
  • Recovery of intrusion and sabotage alarms
Perimeter intrusion detection: DiFence
    Protecting the perimeter of a site is a major issue for its operator. Indeed, the perimeter is the preferred entry point for visitors. unwanted, then offering easier and much broader access to all of the protected site.
    In some cases the protection of such perimetry by camera proves to be too expensive or difficult to operate. Upstream detection is therefore necessary, ideally supplemented with a video verification of doubt.

    DiFence is an innovative device for detecting intrusion on fences.
    It constantly analyzes the energy and movements of your fence to distinguish the intrusion events of simple transient vibrations.

    The events thus detected are transmitted by secure and long radio link brought to the Invithings network hub, which then makes them available to the SecurityCenter. The DiFence perimeter fence detection solution is:

  • Simple, quick to deploy and without road works
  • Resistant to faults with autonomous and independent detectors others
  • Secured thanks to the LoRaWAN protocol
  • Easy to maintain thanks to its solar power supply (no consumables) and remote configuration.


Technical diagram


    In Config Tool, the InviThings plugin offers the following features:
  • connection parameters with the InviThings platform
  • sensors sign of life
  • offline sensors threshold
  • plugin events (login and logout)
  • DiFence sensor events (Detection, sabotage and battery failure)
  • associated sector

Operational use
    The InviThings plugin has been developed to integrate most natively with the Security Center platform.
    Sensors are represented as an entity in Security Desk with a control of their states (connected, disconnected, detection, sabotage and failure of battery).

    The sensors can be integrated into the “Plan Manager” cartographic management of Security Center.

Features and Benefits
Installation type Plugin
Battery fault Yes
Customs events Yes (intrusion and self-protection)
Event-action mechanisms Yes
Display in "Plan Manager" Yes