IZIX plugin

    In the context of drastically evolving work and mobility habits, office parking lots must adapt to meet the expectations of companies, their users and their landlords.

    Izix is the all-in-one management and monitoring tool to optimize the use of the parking lots in complex multi-tenant contexts and create a frictionless and joyful parking experience for the tenants. A solution that allows to make the parking a lever of satisfaction for all stakeholders.

    Integrated with Genetec's unified Security Center platform, the IZIX plugin enables the use of the Synergis access control module without changing or modifying the hardware.

    A simple and native integration with Genetec's Security Center solution.


Technical diagram


Plugin configuration
    In Config Tool, the IZIX plugin offers the following functionalities:
  • Connection parameters with the IZIX platform
  • Plugin events (online and offline) and access granted/denied by the IZIX solution
  • Management of the list of doors associated with the plugin
  • Management of the list of cardholder groups associated with the plugin

Operational use
    The IZIX integration leverages the unification offered by the Genetec Security Center platform:
  • Use of existing doors
  • Using existing cardholder groups
  • Real-time event tracking
  • Event-action mechanisms
  • Unification with video

Features and Benefits
Installation type Plugin
Opening technology By badge or plate reading
Event-action mechanisms Yes

Version Security Center 5.10
Version type Professionnal or Entreprise
Server type Dedicated server
Performance Xeon E2336 (or more), 16 Go RAM, 480 Go SSD, 2x RJ45 1Go