Boost the operational performance of your operators with the solution XXII's real-time video analysis tool and its GENETEC plugin.

    The XXIICORE plugin, integrated into Genetec's unified Security Center platform, offers a single interface. Detections made by AI algorithms XXII inform your operators in real time for rapid decision-making and optimal via Security Desk.

    The XXIICORE integration benefits from all the technologies of the module Omnicast Genetec (RTSP streams, events, event-action, bookmarks and alarms).


Technical diagram


Plugin configuration
    XXIICORE integration leverages the Genetec Security platform Center:
  • dedicated and integrated configuration page
  • connection settings
  • automatic import of RTSP streams from cameras in XXIICORE
  • custom events
  • alarms
  • custom event-action mechanisms
  • plugin privilege management

Operational use
    The XXIICORE integration makes it possible to take advantage of the unification offered by the Genetec Security Center platform:
    • real-time event tracking
    • custom and dedicated widget
    • activation of configured skills
    • activation of skill-related alarms
    • activation of bookmarks associated with skills
    • changing bookmark names
    • a single user interface (Security Desk)

    Features and Benefits
    Automatic camera import Yes
    Plugin Privilege Management Yes
    Real-time event tracking Yes
    Activation of configured skills Yes
    Enable alarms Yes
    Enable bookmarks Yes
    Editing bookmarks Yes
    Custom event-action mechanisms Yes
    Genetec certification Yes (