Tagmaster plugin

    Tagmaster develops and delivers solutions to improve efficiency operation of transport networks. The Tagmaster solution enables global parking management for the to make intelligent by sensors on the ground which provide the availability of parking spaces.
    The Tagmaster plugin in Security center supervises all the sensors, via gateways, with the following features:
  • the number of places occupied
  • the number of free places
  • authorized parking time
  • reminder of exceeding parking time

Parking sensors
    WISECOW P parked vehicle sensor detects field variation terrestrial magnetic due to the presence of a vehicle.
    The autonomy of the sensor on its internal battery is greater than 6 years, and the algorithm self-adaptive implemented allows to reach a detection accuracy higher than 98%.
    Coupled with Tagmaster gateways, they allow complete management of parkings.


    In Config Tool, the Tagmaster plugin offers the possibility to configure
  • The name of the alarm
  • Authorized parking time
  • The names of the car parks
  • Connection with gateways
  • The link between the car parks and the sensors

    In Security Desk, all car park information is represented in a notification:
  • places available
  • total number of seats
  • the name of the alarm
  • In the event of exceeding the parking time, the operator receives the information in the alarm banner with the following information:
  • Name of car park
  • Place name
  • Time exceeded
  • Date and time of arrival at parking lot

Features and Benefits
  • Management of parking spaces (free and occupied)
  • Overview of car parks
  • Management of authorized parking time
  • Management of alarms on exceeding parking time

Technical diagram